Types of Golf Games

There are many different types of golf games. The most popular one is where a group of four players play each hole together and everybody plays with a different ball trying to get the lower score possible. If you’ve played in a few tournaments you’ve probably experienced other types of golf games where everybody plays the best or worst ball, or everybody competes to win each hole.

There a lot of variants for you to try out when you play with friends. Here are a few examples:

Stroke Play Golf:
This is the most popular form of golf play for professional golf tournaments. Every player plays 18 holes and the lowest total score wins. Depending on the event these matches are played in four, three or twosomes.

Scramble or Best Ball Golf:
This type of golf game is great when playing with beginners. Everybody takes a shot and then the group decides which shot was the best. The balls with the less favourable placement are picked up and everybody plays from the best shot’s location. This usually makes the game very fast as most of the time you’ll have at least 1 good shot to play from.

Match Play Golf:
In match play golf the foursome is divided in 2 teams of two people. Each hole is played as a separate contest. Each hole is worth 1 point and each team gets half a point if they get the same score. The team with the most points wins the match.

Skins Golf Game:
The skins golf game is perfect for the competitive among us. In this type of golf game each hole is worth a skin, usually a point or an amount of money. To win the skin a player needs to win the hole outright. If there’s a tie the skin is carried over to the next hole, making it worth 2 skins and so on. If the last hole is a tie, more holes are played until one of the player wins.

This is a really small sample of how to play and count the score when playing golf and they are a great way to change things up and enjoy golf even more!

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