Thinking of Becoming a Golf Pro?

So you’re watching the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament on TV and you think you’d like to wear a green jacket without making a fool of yoursel? You’ve made your decision and you know that if you just practice enough you can be as good as the pros. Now that’s the way this very long journey starts. Just from looking at the sheer number of competitors it’s obvious that most people who attempt this challenge end up changing carreer paths like becoming a golf equipment seller or a golf instructor. Those can be great careers and a nice way to make a living off of golf.

The golf pros you see on TV are called golf tour pros. Becoming one is not as simple as it may seem so let’s dig into some of the details. Being a golf tour pro might seem like all fun and games but it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. First the competition is fierce and it’s very rare for a player to win multiple tournaments so you need to be ok with not winning all the time. Then you need to perform or you don’t get paid, at least not until you become famous and some big company wants to put you in front of the cameras. Imagine working all week long at your day job, doing the best you can every single day and not getting paid a dime because some other guys at work did a better job. This dream job also requires you to be away from your familly and friends as you will need to travel to attend various events.

If you’ve read this far then you really want to become a golf tour pro. Here’s how it’s done. First you need to realize there are multiple golf tours you can participate in. The most famous one is the PGA Golf Tour, and for the ladies the LPGA Golf Tour. The more famous a tour is the most sponsors it will have, which means more purses but also more competition. Getting your tour card, or qualifying for the events, can be accomplished in a few different ways.

First, if you’re already on the tour and you place in the top 130 on the money list for the year then you get your card for the next year. If you are trying to get on the tour for the first time, the most direct route is to attend a qualifying school or Q-School. This is a multi-round tournament held every year, in the fall, which allows anyone to get a chance at getting on the tour. By the time it’s all said and done, about 25 players or so will win their card for the next year’s tour. The level of competition for this tournament is so high that most professional players didn’t even take that route to get on the tour.

The other way to get on the tour is throught exemptions. Each event of the tour will allow a few special guests to participate, for example Tiger Woods did pretty good on the U.S. Amateur tour and got his PGA tour card by winning the Las Vegas Invitational, which gave him a 2 year exemption.

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