Putting Technique

If you’re still trying to break 80, this might be the most important post you’ll ever read. One of the easiest ways to improve your golf game is to improve your short game. I mean your really short game, the game you play on the green. Being so close to the hole you would think it’s easy to seal the deal but so many shots are wasted when using the putter.

There are a number of different putting techniques and a number of different putters out there. We’ll concentrate on the traditional putter. Learning proper putting technique could easily knock off 10 strokes off of your game.

The easiest way to describe good putting technique is to compare your swing to a pendulum. The first step is to get into position. Place your feet about shoulder width and bend your knees a little. Next keep your back straight with a slight incline forward starting at the hips. If you get this right you will have enough space to let your arms move freely. Your arms need to be relaxed, in fact you don’t really use your arms when putting you use your shoulders. This means that your arms and wrists should keep the exact some position from the beginning of the swing until the end.

Now that you’re in place, the next step is the actual swing. The swing is executed by rotating the shoulders. Again, think of a pendulum. When done right the distance your putter travels back should be equal to the distance it moves forward. This is a very important concept that will help you balance your swing. Your swing speed should be constant as your putter moves back and then forward.

Your swing speed should also be the same for every single putt you make. This might be the hardest thing to learn and it takes a good amount of practice. Now if the speed is the same every time you putt, how do you control how far the ball will travel? Easy, you control how far the ball travels by controlling how much your club moves. If you’re really close to the hole you might make your pendulum very small and move the club 1 inch behind the ball and 1 inch in front of the ball. If you need to amaze your friends by sinking a 30 footer you might need to move your putter 1 foot behind and 1 foot in front of the ball.

With practice your will learn how big the pendulum needs to be to make the ball travel the distance you want. Start practising this technique without actually hitting a ball, this makes it easier to get a good relaxed constant swing. Once you get the hang of it start hitting golf balls but try to swing exactly like if the ball wasn’t there. Do this until it becomes second nature and you’ll start saving strokes like crazy!

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