Paying to Improve Your Golf Game

Everybody knows, playing golf is expensive. You might be able to afford it but can you also afford private lessons, special practice equipment and a swing analysis? Now don’t feel too bad if you can’t, chances are you’re better off that way! Even if you can afford all of the latest guizmos does it really help you lower your score?

When you stop and think about it does it make sense to spend tons of money to improve your golf game? You know the guy you play with who seems to have a new club in his bag every week, is he playing with the Pros yet?

Yeah I admit, your new GPS tracker looks pretty awesome and that makes you pretty awesome too, way more that I could ever be, but does it make you a better golf player? I bet I still beat you, using only 1 arm and 3 clubs… I won’t even bring a golf bag!

Now seriously, you might have spent a lot of money to make your game better but at the end of the 18th hole all that matters is your score and how it compares to your previous rounds. Spending left and right may help your game but it sure is not a replacement for paying the time. Practice time that is, and unless you’re already hitting golf balls every day you might want to invest your hard earned cash into these. Or you can keep enternaining us on the golf course!

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