Handicap in Golf

You’ve been playing for a little while and you start talking with some regulars at the club when one of them asks you “what’s your handicap?” You look at him confused, trying to figure out what he’s talking about. Well my friend, you should’ve read this post…

A golf handicap is a score calculated from previously played golf rounds used by amateur golfers. Like the regular golf score, a lower handicap is better than a higher one. It allows players of various skills to compete against each other on somewhat equal terms.

When using the golf handicap system a net score needs to be calculated to determine the winner of a match. The strokes are counted like a regular game to give the gross score. The handicap is substracted from the gross score to determine the net score. The score needs to be adjusted per hole based on its rated difficulty.

Calculating handicaps can get complicated. Not all countries use the same formula. The handicap tries to assess a player’s ability by taking into consideration the previous played rounds and the course difficulty. There are multiple golf handicap calculators available online, start using one today so you will have an answer the next time someone asks you about it.

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