Golf Practice at Home

You know that the only way to improve your game is to practise. This might mean a lot of different things as there are many aspects of the game you can focus on. The most obvious thing to do is to practise your golf swing. This usually means going to the driving range but it can get time consuming and expensive very quickly. One alternative is to make your own golf practice setup at home!


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As you will see in the pictures below, all you need is a little imagination and you could have your very own golf practice mat and net setup that will allow you to hit golf balls anytime you want or feel like it. There are many options available to you so make sure you do your research to find the system that suits your needs.

If you want to save some money you should think about creating your own. The mat is probably the easiest to do, here are a few tutorials to get you started:

Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

This first picture is from Artificial Grass Ireland, it shows a nicely built outdoor golf cage.

Here’s another big cage from here.

A very simple net from Sport Netting, you can buy a similar one here.

This last one is very interesting, now you can’t use the excuse you don’t have a big enough yard, from, buy it here.

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