Golf Mats

What are golf mats? They are mats used to practice your golf swing. You might have tried to practice your swing at home in your backyard but after a few fat shots and divots flying all over the place you probably concluded it wasn’t a good idea. This is where golf mats come to the rescue.

Practicing your golf swing, even without actually hitting a golf ball, is probably the best thing you can do to improve your golf game. Think of all the benefits of having a place at home where you can practice your swing. You don’t need to reserve a large block of your busy day just to drive to the range and hit a few balls. Even if you have as little as five minutes you can take a few extra swings. Believe me those add up quickly.

One option is to set it up inside, like in your garage, which means you can practice whether it rains or shines. Make sure you have plenty of space in all directions to make a full swing. If you restrict your swing because you don’t want to hit the ceiling or any other object you will probably cause more harm to your game than not practicing at all. Golf mats can also be setup outside if you prefer or don’t have enough space inside.

Another interesting consequence of having your own private practice area at home is you can do things you would probably never dare doing at the driving range. For example you can setup a camera while you practice your swing without having to worry about other people looking at you. Having a video and seeing exactly what movement you are doing can yield great insights and help you improve your swing immensely.

The quality of your golf mat is very important. The cheap ones will tear in a few days and  they don’t provide good feedback because they are too thin. When there is a hard surface under those thin mats, like the concrete of your garage floor, and you make a fat shot you will feel the vibration sent to your body which can cause injuries. Ideally you want a golf mat that will provide the same feedback as when your on the golf course.

Some people even bring there good mat at the driving range and use the driving range’s mat as a platform to step on. This way they don’t have to use the crappy rubber tees that feel nothing like the real thing.

If you want to take your game to the next level you should really think about getting a golf mat and setting up your own practice area at home. You can even get a golf net and start hitting real golf balls!

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