Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

This post on golf driving tips will give you basic pointers to learn how to improve your tee shots. Every beginner has an obsession with his driver. It’s the club that makes you proud, the club used to show off your strength and the club used to hit the ball further than your friends! Without further due here are a few basic driving tips for beginners:

Golf Driving Tip #1: Technique

The problem with beginners is they will try to use their muscles and just power through the ball. If you’ve tried that technique you know it doesn’t work and just causes a whole bunch of problems. This might sound counter intuitive but the more balls you hit the more you will realize that form and technique are the secret. Not using the proper technique will result in less power transferred to the ball and less distance. The other common thing that happens when using muscles instead of good form is the dreaded slice. If you can’t hit the ball straight you are losing distance (and balls out of bounds!). You can find more information here on how to fix a slice.

Golf Driving Tip #2: Tee

Another basic tip to improve your drive is to use a high tee. Using a high tee will help you swing up on the ball instead of flat or down. Swinging up on the ball will help eliminate the unwanted spin which translate in a straighter and longer drive. This is probably one of the easiest golf tip to implement since you don’t need to change your swing.

Golf Driving Tip #3: Spine Angle

One of the most embarrassing thing that can happen on your tee shot is topping the ball. Topping the ball and then having to face your friends can be harsh. This usually happens when you ‘stand up’ before reaching the ball on your downswing. To fix this problem focus on the angle of your spine. It should remain constant throughout the swing to ensure your club returns to its starting position just before it makes contact with the ball.

There you have it! By following these three simple tips you can greatly improve your drive. Remember to try them at the driving range before using them on the course because anytime you modify your swing things will feel a little weird.

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