Golf Driver Head Size

This might come as a surprise to some of you but did you know that the over-sized driver head is a relative new invention? It all started with the Big Bertha at 190cc in 1991. Every generation appeared to get bigger and bigger until today’s incarnation of the Big Bertha at 460cc, which is the limit set by the USGA. Have you ever asked yourself why the driver heads need to be so big? Can they actually improve your golf game?

One of the disadvantages of these clubs is you can’t use them in the fairway. It used to be pretty common to use a driver for a second shot on long holes. These days you can only use your driver when you tee off because the size of the head makes it nearly impossible to hit the ball properly if it’s resting on the ground.

The reason these clubs are supposed to be better is that they offer a bigger sweet spot. This means you don’t need to be as precise with your swing and still make good solid contact with the ball. It gives you better control over your shot even if you hit it off-center.

A lot of people try to fix their game by getting new clubs. They also think that a new, bigger driver will give them longer drives. These over-sized drivers will probably give you better control but not necessarily more distance. This means that if you’re a beginner the bigger head might help improve your game. It’s usually better to be in the fairway than to be 20-30 yards further in the rough.

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