Golf 101: Golf Etiquette

Golf etiquette might not be the most interesting aspect of golf but it is a very important aspect of the game. Newcomers usually learn the etiquette from more experienced golfers while playing their first few rounds of golf. Some people might thing that the rules are stupid but this is far from being true. In the end those rules are there to protect the players and to ensure everybody gets the best experience possible by keeping the course in good shape.

If you are new to the game check out this quick list of the basic rules of golf etiquette:

1) Be Quiet

Every player should be able to perform each single shot with complete silence. This is the best way to focus on the shot at hand. Now even if your group doesn’t mind the noise you should consider the fact that other groups near by can hear you. The only exception is when you think your ball might land very close to the group in front of you, then you should yell ‘fore‘ to warn them.

2) Maintain the Course

When you consider the amount of people playing on the course every single day you can quickly see how the course would quicly deteriorate if nobody replaced their divots. It’s those little things that take a second but make a big difference. Rake that sand trap when you’re done, you know how it sucks to land in there so don’t make it worst by leaving holes shaped like your shoes to make it even harder for the poor guy who lands there after you.

3) Cart

I know, I know they might remind you of go-carts but they are not the same thing at all. Drive carefully and at a reasonable speed. Follow the indicated path and try to stay off the grass. Also, don’t get too close to the greens. Walking is good for your health.

4) On the Green

Repair pitch marks, when the ball lands on the green it leaves a dent, those need to be repaired to ensure a good quality surface. Do not step in anybody’s putting line, unless you’re trying to get an unfair advantage, or just piss everybody off. Watch out for your shadow, when someone else is putting they should not see you or your shadow moving.

5) Keep Moving!

If you’ve played a few rounds you know how long a game can take. Don’t make it worst by slowing down the play. When looking for your ball in the woods it shouldn’t take as long as hand picking flowers for your wife. Just pay attention and keep the flow going.

As you can see most of the rules are pretty easy to follow and will help everybody enjoy the game even more.

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