Beating Your Friends On The Golf Course

When it comes to beating your friends at golf you need to concentrate on one and only one thing — The Score Card! This might sound really obvious but when you’re out there with your buddies it’s easy to get distracted or let your pride take over and do stupid things.

For example, remember last week when Joe made that unbelievable shot? The one where he was too close to the trees to clear them but decided to go over them anyways and got his ball a few feet away from the pin? Oh, and then do you remember when you tried to do the same thing but ended up losing your ball in the woods and added a penalty stroke to your score?

So here’s a quick tip on how to beat your friends on the golf course. Just because the guy you’re playing with gets lucky doesn’t mean you will too! At golf, almost every single time it’s better to take the safest path. Sure you might save a shot if you just make it over the water but here’s what happens more often than not. When it’s a close call and you’re not sure you can clear water, you can use 2 easy shots, the first to get closer and then a second one to get over. If you take a chance, or try to copy your buddy, you’ll probably end up wasting time with your ball retriever looking at dyed water. The worst is you’ll lose a stroke, drop your ball in front of the water and take a shot from the same place you would have been had you taken the easy shot and placed your ball just in front of the water. Why would you deliberately use 3 shots when you are essentially guaranteed to clear the obstacle in 2?

This principle applies to a whole bunch of other situations. A famous one is when your ball lies on a tee. You’re standing there, looking at the fairway, then looking at your ball, back at the fairway and again at the ball. You take a deep breath, and you can’t stop thinking about how you’re going to out-drive your buddies. You give it all you’ve got and as your club is coming down, you raise you head and top the ball. Congratulations you will be the first one to hit your ball again!

I’m sure you can come up with multiple examples when something similar happened to you or your friends. The trick is to keep your cool and play smart. There’s no need to drive a few yards further than your friends. That’s not how you’re going to beat them. There’s no point taking a chance when you know you will lose a stroke most of the time. Think about that next time your trying to beat your friends on the golf course!

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