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Our mission for this site is very simple. We want to help you beat your friends at golf. If you’re new to golf you will find the answer to your golf questions here. We’ve put together a great resource giving you basic technique tips and also some strategies to show you how to practise.

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The Proper Golf Grip

Learning how to hold the club properly is one of the fastest ways you can improve your golf swing. It might take a bit of time to get used to it but once you do you will much better control of the club and your friends will be wondering what happened when you out drive them for the first time!

The Ultimate Golf Net Buying Guide

Everybody knows that to get good at something you need to repeat it over and over again. Having your own golf net to practise your game is the ultimate secret weapon to help you beat your friends!

Golf Swing Basics

Once you know how to hold your golf club you need to learn how to swing it. In this series you’ll learn how to transfer the power generated by your body into the club without using to much of your fore arms. If you’re constantly slicing the ball you’ll have a better understanding on what if happening after you’ve read this article.

Golf Excuses

These posts dive into the most common complaints people have when they just can’t seem to spend enough time practising their game. If you want to get better than your friends then make sure you’re not using these lame excuses.

Quick Golf Tips

If you want quick tips and learn what you can do today to start improving your game and show your friends how it’s really done then you’ll definitively enjoy this post.


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